TIJUMP dryers, power saving and practical

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TIJUMP weather high humidity but also hit the sun, a lot of people washing the clothes can not dry the foundation, this time, a handy dryer can be useful. Tianjun Dryers Co., Ltd. in the selection of dryers, we must first figure out about there are several dryers, so as to facilitate the selection of a suitable for their own.

From a structural point of view, household dryers are divided into two types of stand-alone dryers and laundry drying machine. Needless to say, one machine must be more space-saving than the stand-alone clothes dryer, while the stand-alone clothes dryer heats up faster and has higher power.

From the operating principle points, home dryer can be divided into two types of traditional heating drying and condensing drying. Heated drying Wencai Shengyi is the method of electric heating clothes in the water baked to the air side, after ventilation to achieve the purpose of reducing the humidity of clothing. What is the meaning of condensation drying? Do not know if you have not noticed, the food into the plastic bag into the refrigerator, soon after the plastic bag inside will divide the moisture, which is the humidity caused by low temperature drop. If you put the items out and then heated to room temperature, the process is basically condensation drying. Direct heating and drying power is relatively high, the structure is simple and simple repair, but each time the use of dryer on the surrounding environment greater impact. Condensing dryer has a small impact on the indoor environment, power is higher, but the structure is slightly messy, the price is slightly expensive.

In principle, the ability to pick slightly larger products. Because many people are afraid of each water and washing powder is too wasteful, so habitual laundry more each time, which also decided that the power of the dryer should also be larger. Power is not it will be more electricity? This problem can not be considered alone. For example, if your home’s 1500W dryer runs for half an hour to dry clothes, 1000W dryer for an hour to dry, do you think you are still charged for electricity? So that the higher the power, to some extent, is also a power-saving.
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